A community rooted in a passion for health, wellness and growth.

The ALiVe Tribe is been designed to make you feel more ALiVe, one small step at a time. Making my 20 years of holistic medical experience affordable and accessible to everyone.

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About Me

I’m a medical doctor who is passionate about wellness and health. As a former psychiatrist and as a GP, I felt frustrated with the current medical system which was focused on medication and not lifestyle or empowering people to take control of their own health, I went on a journey of studying integrative and function medicine and hormone therapy and used what I learnt to set-up my current medical practice.

I am proud to still work within the NHS, but I love working with patients one on one to improve their symptoms and life. I myself have always valued my health and especially how our internal and emotional health has such a big impact on our physical health. I can teach you some of these tools that I have used to improve my own life, as well as simple health tools to start you on your journey to true empowered wellness. 

The name of the group is based on The ALiVe Retreat I was running pre-pandemic, and I hope this group gives you a feel for this in the community spirit, joy, wellness and sense of freedom and taking back control of your health and life.

I have been featured in The Times, The Daily Mail, Vogue called me ‘the hormone whisperer’, The Evening Standard, and on ITV’s The Tonight Show talking about longevity, and now I can’t wait to start my journey with you!

Dr Sohère Roked
NHS GP and Integrative Medical Specialist

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