Dr Sohère Roked's Age Management Programme

The Biological Age Assessment

A unique and comprehensive age profiling now available in the UK. The tests give you your real age: the age your body and brain actually are, rather than simply your chronological age.

The Biological Age Assessment tests give you the current baseline of your health and this information allows you to improve your health and manage ageing in your body.

Growing older is inevitable but medical advances now allow us to influence the ageing process so that much of what we thought was inevitable can now be improved and reversed, so that you look and feel much younger than previous generations, and continue to have energy and vigour for years to come.

Addressing your health is the key to age management and the results will show in your appearance as well as your energy levels.

This programme has been created by Dr Sohère Roked who has a passion for Age Management Medicine and Hormonal Health.

Dr Roked is a GP and has studied in the USA in Age Management Medicine.

Her goal is to help empower patients to take control of their health and wellbeing by providing them with new and innovative medical advances to manage their wellbeing.

What's Included...

Initial Consultation

You will receive an initial consultation with Dr Roked to establish your medical history and your current health goals.

Telomeres Testing

Telomeres are part of your DNA and influence your life expectancy and quality of health. Previously, experts have always thought of our genes as being ‘fixed’ and ‘set in stone’ but new evidence has shown certain genes can be altered and even improved through changes in diet and lifestyle, supplements and balancing medical issues. Finding out your telomere age is the first step this process.

Cognitive Testing

State of the art technology allows us to carry out an assessment of multiple cognitive domains, including memory, attention, mental flexibility, reaction time and more, and to track changes over time.

Heart Health

A non-invasive test, similar to having your blood pressure taken, to measure how healthy your heart is for your age.

Hormone & Thyroid Blood Profiling

Hormones declining or becoming out of balance as we age have a huge impact on our energy, mood, memory and focus and can cause aches and pains. By testing hormones and identifying issues early, Dr Roked can look at rebalancing them and improving your vitality and mental sharpness.

General Health Screening

Diabetes, high cholesterol, anaemia and poor liver and kidney functioning can all cause significant problems in ageing. Dr Roked will test for these to make sure your general heath is optimum.

Follow-up Consultation

You will receive a follow up consultation with Dr Roked to explain your results and create a treatment plan for medication, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements to improve your health and Biological Age, putting you on the path to optimum health and vitality so you have the energy and mental sharpness to live your life fully.

The cost for the Biological Age Assessment is usually £1,995. But for a limited time only, you can purchase it for £1,750

If you would prefer to speak to me before you commit, please call 020 7584 4777 or email sohere@drsohereroked.co.uk

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