Dr Sohère Roked's 2024 'Happy Hormones' 3-Night Retreat in Collaboration with Sust! Health

19th-22nd April 2024 | North Devon

By popular demand!...Join Dr Sohère and the Sust! team for this 3-night 'Happy Hormones' health retreat in North Devon, 19th - 22nd April, 2024.

We have an incredible line-up of hikes, classes, talks, food, cold water immersion and breathwork....all taking place at one of the most wonderful times of the year.

This retreat is perfect for anyone wanting to take a healthy mini break, to focus on their health, and meet fun and interesting new people.

What's Included...

Cold Water Immersion

Cold water immersion in secret swim spots along the North Devon Coast will take your breath away (in the best possible way). Nature is at the heart of the Sust! experience so if you are a lover of rivers and the sea, and you are open-minded about trying cold water immersion, then this weekend provides a brilliant opportunity for beginners and seasoned cold dippers alike, to reap the many benefits of this practice in a supportive and safe environment. Be warned….you might become addicted!!

Fitness and Yoga

Get ready to BOUNCE into a healthier lifestyle with our invigorating mini-trampoline sessions! The low-impact nature of rebounding reduces stress on joints while providing a high-intensity cardiovascular workout.

Resistance training with mini-bands are an enjoyable and effective way to overload your muscles and prime your metabolism.

Pilates emphasizes core strength, stability, and flexibility, providing a well-rounded and holistic approach to fitness.

Flow Yoga will invigorate the body through music, movement, and breath.

Restorative yoga will gently stretch the body, soothe your mind, and bestow a deep sense of tranquillity and serenity.

Our commitment to simplicity ensures that our classes are accessible to all fitness levels, making it easy for everyone to participate and see positive changes in their bodies.


The North Devon Coast is renowned for being an ideal destination for hikers. The unspoiled beauty of Exmoor National Park is exceptional, and the sweeping, picturesque views along the challenging coastal paths are truly awe-inspiring.

April is an INCREDIBLE month to visit Exmoor and we have prepared two remarkable guided hikes for the weekend that are guaranteed to put the SPRING back in your step and revitalise your physical well-being.

There is a shorter and a longer hike option to cater for different fitness levels. Hikes will typically be 3-4 hours long (they are worth it!) and between 4-8 miles long depending on the option you choose.

The vast expanse of Exmoor National Park provides the perfect setting for this powerful retreat.

Nutritious Food

Get ready for an incredible culinary experience featuring nutrient-dense dishes crafted from locally sourced Devon ingredients. The Sust! menu takes pride in offering high-quality protein to help regulate blood sugar levels and support muscle development. Our commitment to providing a nutrient-rich menu produced from UK farms means that seafood, meat, eggs, and dairy are generously incorporated into most of our dishes, alongside plentiful seasonal vegetables exploding in colour and fibre.

At Sust! we seamlessly blend the timeless wisdom of traditional cooking techniques with the contemporary trends of modern healthy cuisine. This is why you will enjoy classic foods like broths and stews, alongside refreshing vegetable juices, vibrant smoothies bursting with nutrients, and guilt-free dessert creations.

In the Sust! kitchen, our dedicated team works tirelessly in preparation for your retreat. They laboriously simmer bone broths, slow-cook hearty stews and soups, dehydrate nuts, seeds, and crackers, and carefully select the finest produce from UK farms, all of which form the core of the SUST! food philosophy.

For those who prefer plant-based options, rest assured that our meals burst with vibrant plant-based ingredients, and our Vegetarian and Vegan menu is just as satisfying and delicious.

Natalie will share her passion for Nutrition through informative talks and practical demonstrations, ensuring that simple, take-home tips and knowledge can be implemented right away at home.

Hormone Talks and Breathwork

Dr Sohere will give daily talks covering the basics of hormone health. We will learn the signs of symptoms of hormone imbalance and how to bring hormones back into balance through diet, lifestyle, supplements and bio identical HRT.

The friendly, supportive environment created by Dr Sohere during the group sessions is conducive to learning, sharing, and asking questions.

Sohere is truly an expert in the field of hormone balance and a passionate advocate of diet and lifestyle strategies to optimise hormone health. 

You will also get opportunity to experience a Breathwork Journey with Dr Sohere. Breathwork is a term for various breathing practices in which the conscious control of breathing is said to influence a persons mental, emotional, or physical state, with a therapeutic effect. Dr Sohere is a huge advocate of this simple practice as a holistic tool to help her clients to reduce stress, and she is delighted to share this powerful technique with you so that you can take it home with you.


Nestled in the exquisite West Lyn Valley in Exmoor, Woodlands is a luxurious boutique guesthouse that offers a perfect retreat. Originally built in 1882 for a prosperous London gentleman and his family, this charming detached Victorian property has a fascinating history, having been owned by the Church, served as a private school for evacuees during World War II, and operated as a hotel in the 1960s.

The property holds a 4.5-star rating and features five luxury ensuite rooms. Its strategic location provides easy access to prominent attractions like the Valley of Rocks, Watersmeet, the South West Coast Path, Lee Bay, Woody Bay, and The Two Moors Way. The quaint village of Lynton is a 10-minute stroll away along a pleasant, wooded track.

If you appreciate tranquillity, the melody of birdsong, the murmur of a woodland river, and captivating valley views, Woodlands Guesthouse will appeal to you.

For allocated down time, there is a comfortable and cosy lounge, upstairs ‘snug’ area, an onsite hot tub and Infra-red sauna, making Woodlands the perfect place to RETREAT YOURSELF!

Room Costs


The Luxury rooms are spacious double en-suite rooms with King size beds that can be configured as twins. They each have spacious ensuite bathrooms, and beautiful views over Lynton and Exmoor.

  • TWIN or DOUBLE SHARE - £620pp
  • Perfect for friends or couples
    ***1 ROOM AVAILABLE***


Pine Lodge Guesthouse is a friendly and comfortable Victorian house set on a hillside overlooking the beautiful countryside of the West Lyn Valley.

Guest parking is on the same level as the front door, and Pine Lodge is a short stroll down the road from Woodlands Guesthouse and within walking distance of Lynton and Lynmouth down a pleasant wooded path.

These comfortable twin bedrooms feature two high quality single beds and both have spacious ensuite bathrooms.

  • TWIN SHARE £595pp

Meet the Sust! Team

Dr Sohère

Dr Sohère is a GP with a specialist interest in Integrative Medicine and hormone health. Based in Knightsbridge, she has been prescribing bio and body identical hormones for many years and sees hormone balance as the foundation of health. Her popular wellness programmes focused on hormone health have helped to empower her clients to understand the interplay between hormone balance and lifestyle. She is a strong advocate of taking your health into your own hands and using knowledge combined with simple lifestyle practices to nurture and create health. 


Natalie is a yoga, Pilates, and fitness instructor based in North Devon and the owner and founder of Sust! Health Retreats. She has enjoyed an extensive career in the health retreat industry both as a teacher and manager and she is dedicated to motivate, inspire, and educate people through unique and exceptional health retreat programmes based within Exmoor National Park.

The realization of Sust! Health Retreats is the culmination of years of unwavering commitment and a steadfast vision transforming into a tangible dream. Natalie will be hosting this event alongside Dr Sohere and can’t wait to share her passion for movement and nutrition during this exciting event.


Lesley is a qualified cold water therapist and educator. Her passion for cold water dipping has lead her to research deeply into the topic and she enjoys sharing this knowledge and personally coaching small groups in and around Exmoor National Park at her favourite wild swim spots.

Lesley is also a Nordic Walking instructor, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness teacher.

Example Daily Programme

  • 8.30-9.15am Wake-up rebounding and body sculpt
  • 9.15-10am Yoga Flow
  • 10.45: Breakfast
  • 12-1pm Hormone talk
  • 1-4.30: Hike and wild swim
  • 5pm: Dinner
  • 6-7.30pm: Hormone Talk and Breathwork
  • 7.30-8.30pm Evening saunas/ hot-tub

The retreat begins on Friday 19th April at 3pm (arrivals from 2pm) and will kick off straight away! The programme runs until 11am on Monday 22nd April.

Included in your holiday

  • 3 nights’ luxury ensuite Guesthouse accommodation at Woodlands Guesthouse or nearby Pine Lodge Guesthouse.
  • 3 x 6-9 mile guided hikes in Exmoor National Park (short options available).
  • 2 x three-course meals a day using high quality, ethically sourced produce from trusted suppliers.
  • Rebounding, resistance training, Pilates and Yoga classes.
  • Daily Hormone talks with Dr Sohere.
  • Breathwork classes with Dr Sohere.
  • Cold Dipping Immersion talk and 1 x practical session per day in the river or sea.
  • Hiking snacks, fruit, tea station and coffee pod machine.


Travel direct in your own car and park in the onsite carpark. If you prefer to take the train, Lynton is a 40 minute taxi ride from Barnstaple Station, or 75 minute taxi ride from Tiverton Parkway. We do our best to connect guests travelling by train to facilitate taxi-sharing.

'2024 Happy Hormone's Retreat

19th-22nd April 2024

North Devon

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