More Energy, Less Stress, Manage Your Weight

How balancing your hormones in 4 easy steps could be the missing piece of the puzzle to optimizing your health and feeling great!

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Are you feeling tired all the time? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? or you may be feeling like you’re doing the right things with your diet and exercising, but you're still not losing weight...

Or maybe you're fed up with...

  • Feeling like everything you do to improve your health and energy and weight fails?
  • Knowing you want to improve your health but not knowing where to start?
  • Getting nowhere when you speak to your usual doctor?
  • Feeling like you’re taking two steps forward to two steps back when it comes to your energy and weight?
  • Feeling like your hormones might be out of whack but have no idea where to start with it all?

This online course will help you to understand your hormones and how they could be affecting your energy, mood and stress. You will receive practical tools on how to improve your hormone balance, with lifestyle changes, nutrition, exercise and supplements. By the end of the programme, you will feel empowered with the tools to optimise your hormones to lose weight and improve your mood and energy!

More Energy, Less Stress, Manage Your Weight

How balancing your hormones in 4 easy steps could be the missing piece of the puzzle to optimizing your health and Feeling great!

What will you learn?

  • How to get in tune with your monthly cycle.
  • How to figure out if you have a thyroid issue and how to test for it.
  • How to balance your blood sugars.
  • What to eat and how to exercise at different points of your monthly cycle.
  • How to optimise energy for men.
  • How to plan your schedule according to your cycle to work in flow with your body and feel your best at all times!

Course Modules

  • How to understand a female menstrual cycle.
  • Men also have a cycle and how that is different to a female cycle. 
  • How to eat, exercise and organise your work around these cycles.
  • What to do if you are menopausal or on the pill.
  • Which supplements are helpful to improve your cycle.
  • What are stress hormones?
  • How your stress hormones affect your mood, energy and weight.
  • How you can measure your stress hormones and what it can mean.
  • What supplements to take to manage stress hormones.
  • What lifestyle changes you can make to manage the stress hormones.
  • How fluctuating blood sugars can cause inflammation and weight gain and fluctuations in mood and energy.
  • How you may have an issue with your sugars without being a diabetic.
  • What tests are useful in measuring this.
  • Which dietary and lifestyle changes can improve this.
  • What are the symptoms of thyroid issues.
  • Which tests are useful for checking the thyroid. 
  • The difference between overactive and underactive thyroid.
  • What supplements and other changes can help balance the thyroid.

Your Questions Answered...

What is the course about?

This course is about improving mood, energy and  learning how to balance your hormones to lose weight.

Is this the same as having a consultation with you?

No, this course gives you a deeper understanding of how hormones can affect your energy, mood and weight. When patients come to see me, it is more individualised, and we can carry out testing and look at your results to personalise your plan.

What will I gain from doing this course?

An understanding of how hormones effect your energy, mood and weight and advise on nutrition, supplements, exercises that will boost energy, mood and weight.

How will this make me feel better?

By looking at hormonal issues effecting energy, mood and weight, we can implement changes in diet and lifestyle to help you to start feeling better in these areas.

I already follow another hormone program or weight loss program, is this still useful?

For sure! This can be used in conjunction with other weight loss programs. If you see another hormone specialist you can share the changes you want to make with them first to make sure it works with your current treatment plan.

What will I learn?

  • How the female menstrual cycle can affect energy, stress, mood and weight. How men have their own 24 hour cycle.
  • How this also impacts you in menopause or if you’re on the pill.
  • What to eat to help balance the changes in the menstrual cycle.
  • How to exercise in different times of your cycle.
  • How stress hormones impact mood, weight, stress and energy and how to balance this with lifestyle changes and supplements.
  • How blood sugar affects energy, mood, stress and weight and how to balance this with diet and supplements.
  • How to find out if you’ve got a thyroid issues, what blood tests to get done, and how to balance this with nutrition and supplements. 

Why are you offering this course?

I want to reach as many people as possible to help them learn about the importance of hormones and how they can affect our health. I love seeing patients one on one, but I know this isn’t acceptable to everyone, so this way I can help more people feel empowered and educated about the importance of hormone balance.

What is your expertise to teach this course?

I am a qualified medical doctor and have been working in functional, integrative and hormonal medicine for over 10 years. I have done training in the UK and USA, on courses that have been over £10,000 to learn from the best around the world. I have seen thousands of patients who have had life changing benefits from implementing the changes I am sharing with you now.

Just Imagine...

  • Waking up in the mornings and feeling refreshed.
  • Having enough energy to get your work done, socialise, look after things at home and still have time for yourself.
  • No longer feeling stressed about everything being thrown at you.
  • No longer feeling at the mercy of emotions.
  • Knowing exactly what supplements to take.
  • Knowing how to manage your energy around your female cycle or male hormones.
  • Finally learning how to manage your hormones to lose weight and keep it off!
  • Knowing exactly what blood tests you need to find out if your hormones are in balance.
  • Knowing what foods to eat and how to exercise for your body.
  • Feel excited and empowered about your life again.

About Me

I am Dr Sohère Roked and qualified from Southampton Medical School in 2003 at 22 years old, one of the youngest graduates of date. I worked in a range of specialties including psychiatry for many years before becoming a general practitioner. However, my passion is discovering the root cause of illness and the mind and body connection, which is why I studied functional medicine.

I believe hormone balance is key to good health and when hormones are balanced, they have a positive impact on memory, mood, energy, and sleep. I am Welsh and proud! I moved to London to set up my holistic hormone clinic. I have a focus on preventative medicine and also look at genomics, biological age assessment and vitamin and mineral screening.

I am the author of The Tiredness Cure which has been published worldwide by Penguin Books and translated into 7 different languages. I am considered an authority in my field and have been featured in The Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph, The Mirror, Cosmopolitan, Glamour Magazine and have appeared on ITV’s The Tonight Show talking about longevity. Vogue even call me ‘The Hormone Whisperer’!

Not only am I medically qualified to help you with your tiredness, stress and weight, I have used many of these tools and techniques on myself and can testify they really work!

Here’s what people are saying about Dr Roked

Since working with Dr Sohère and making lifestyle changes I have lost 3 stone and have loads more energy and feel less stressed. I know how to manage my cycles and what supplements to take when I’m stressed. The knowledge I’ve gained has been invaluable.



I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much. The course is easy to follow and full of information that I'm able to implement into my everyday life. I feel like I understand my body better and have more energy and less stress!



I started balancing my female hormones with Dr Sohère and felt great but the weight still wasn’t coming off despite a good diet and exercising. It was only when she taught me about regulating my stress hormones and sugars that I lost the final 10 pounds I’d been trying to shift for years!



10% of the cost of the course will go to the Choose Love charity.

Choose Love does whatever it takes to provide refugees and displaced people with everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food and legal advice. They elevate the voices and visibility of refugees and galvanise public support for agile community organisations providing vital support to refugees along migration routes globally. In particular, the money will go to support their women's groups and projects.

Refugee women and girls are often especially vulnerable. That's why safe spaces where they can access essential services are so important. After experiencing unimaginable situations, this gift will support services that help turn adversity into hope.

More questions answered...

Is it expensive for me to do this course?

I created this course so it can be affordable to everyone. The knowledge you get in this course is worth over £1,500, but because I want to reach more people I’ve made it accessible at just £47. My patients often pay over £5,000 to work with me one-to-one, so this really is a bargain.

I don’t have time at the moment

No problem! This course is designed to be completed in just 2 hours giving you a wealth of knowledge in a short space of time. However, once you purchase the course you have lifetime access so it can be done any time.

I’m not sure this is the right time

How can this not be the right time?! We’re in the midst of a major health pandemic. It has never been a better time to take control of our health. We need all the energy and tools to deal with stress we can get. Also increased weight seems to be a major factor in worsening COVID-19 outcomes, so it is important to deal with this if it’s an issue for you.

I’ve tried everything before and not felt better

I understand, I was the same as you. I have felt fed up and frustrated that nothing I’ve done has worked for me in the past. However, these are medically proven tools and if implemented correctly, can have huge impacts on your health and wellbeing.

Why have you created this course?

I have always wanted to reach more people with my message about how important hormonal health is on our wellbeing and this seems like a great way to do it! I want everyone to know hormones can impact their health. We seem to just think about hormones in terms of periods, menopause and fertility, but they have so much more impact on health, energy, stress, mood, focus, concentration, weight and more.

Can men do this course?

Of course! This course is for men and women of all ages. There is some information about women’s hormones too, but it may be helpful in understanding the women in your life anyway!

What if I purchase this course, and I changed my mind? Are all sales final?

I’m afraid so! The course has £1,500 worth of knowledge and is only £47! You can always share it with a friend if you want instead.

What will you get with this programme?

Learn about the unique cycles men and women have and how to harness this to manage your energy and mood and weight.

Learn what to eat and how to exercise at different times in the monthly cycle for women and how this will improve your mood, energy and weight.

Learn how managing your stress hormones to lose weight and improve stress and energy.

Learn what supplements you need to improve your hormones.

Learn how balancing your blood sugars will help you lose weight, have more get-up-and-go and feel better.

Learn how to find out if your thyroid gland is out of balance and how to improve it.

What happens next?

purchase the course

Once you’ve purchased the course you will receive an email from me with the link to the course page.

course content

The course content is then yours to keep and you can access it forever and do it whenever you want.

your progress

Keep and eye out for emails from me, I will be sending you some emails to check on your progress after too!

Personal Note

I’m so excited you’re going to take this course with me, I know what you will learn will revolutionise the way you feel and will be invaluable to you!

It’s my mission to empower and educate everyone about how important hormones are and how they affect every stage of our life, not just fertility and menopause/andropause.

Let’s get started!

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