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Dr Sohère offers a unique brand of ‘Inside Out’ Healthcare, starting on the ‘inside’ so you look and feel fantastic on the ‘outside’, with the added benefits of disease prevention and regeneration of health and well-being.

She does this by looking at you as a ‘whole’, offering a full and thorough consultation, and focusing on what really matters to you.  Her passion is to empower individuals to take responsibility for their health and well-being by seeing themselves as a ‘whole’ and wherever possible, using natural healthcare that works in synergy with the body.

All patients are looked at as individuals and treatment recommendations are tailor-made to one’s needs. The aim of consultation is to get the complete picture of a person’s health, emotional well-being and lifestyle to establish a proactive, patient-centered, whole-person approach to health, healing, achieving one’s potential and transforming lives.

Consultations Available

1 hour consultation – 1:1 with Dr Sohère

Prior to this it is essential to complete Dr Sohère’s Unique Health and Well-being Questionnaire to obtain a true picture of your health before the consultation begins. Dr Sohère will then make recommendations for your health.

1 hour consultation with half hour follow up appointment

As above but with follow up to see how things are improving with Dr Sohère’s personalized treatment plan for you.

Dr Sohère is available to see patients in London. Consultations are also available by telephone/Skype and at other locations at her discretion.

Based on the information provided, Dr Sohère can help you to really create a truly personalized health plan of supplements, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

This is the future of medicine and Dr Sohère is excited to be at the forefront of this new and evolving field.

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