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Weight Loss

The key elements to losing weight are of course good nutrition and exercise.

However, as a hormone doctor I’m very aware that hormones have a huge impact on our ability to lose weight and how fast we gain weight. Many women I see tell me that they noticed considerable weight gain after menopausal in the perimenopause.

I am someone who has always struggle to lose weight and find that I can put on weight very easily and it takes a very long time to come off. One of the reasons I do the work I do, is because I’m fascinated by hormones and the human body. By mastering my hormones such as looking at my oestrogen dominance and healing that, and also managing my cortisol better and treating insulin resistance early, I have seen huge changes in my weight.

With weight changes also comes in increase sense of vitality and confidence and a much-improved quality of life.

I work with patients to balance their hormones including their oestrogen and progesterone and by making sure that testosterone level is optimum for burning fat and building muscle. If your cortisol hormone is very low or elevated, it can cause inflammation in the body making it more difficult to lose weight. I also check for insulin resistance and treat this early, so it does not turn into diabetes in the future.

There is now medication available that can help aid weight loss by working on the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin, and this causes you to feel fuller quicker and not as hungry in general. This is a medication that requires blood testing and regular monitoring and an experienced doctor such as me, and patients have seen incredible results.

There are also certain diets like the ketogenic diet for women that have a huge impact on hormone balance, and I do encourage this type of eating or at least minimising carbohydrates and sugars as much as possible. I also have good experience of intermittent fasting and how to do this in a healthy way. If weight loss is a major goal for you then I’m well equipped to help you on this path.

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