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The Real Age Test

Have you ever wondered what your biological age actually is?

Glycans are sugar molecules that surround the proteins in every cell. Some cause inflammation and some are protective. A simple finger prick test can measure your glycans and tell us what your ‘real’ cellular age is compared to the age on your birth certificate.

The good news is, if your Real Age is bad, there’s plenty we can do about it, looking at nutrition, hormones, lifestyle and exercise and supplements.

The best bit about the test is that it won’t take long to see a benefit, we can retake the test in 4-6 months to see if there have been any improvements. This will then keep you motivated to keep up the changes you’ve made in your health, as you can recheck the results in a short time frame.

The good news is, once you know your biological age, you can make changes to slow down ageing and lengthen your telomeres. You can address issues and make improvements in your life to help you achieve optimum health and have the energy you need for your life. Addressing your health is the key to age management and the results will show in your appearance as well as your energy levels.

Included in this package: the GlycanAge test, and an in-depth consultation with Dr Roked to assess your results, lifestyle, general health and what treatment, supplements or lifestyle changes are needed to optimise your health and help you to age well, as well as what other testing may be needed. A recheck of the test between 4-6 months to compare results and a follow up appointment.

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