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Dr Sohère Roked GP

Dr Sohère Roked
NHS GP and Integrative Medical Specialist

“My goal is to help empower patients to control their healthcare and well being”.

Hi, I’m Dr Sohère Roked (pronounced Sa-hair Row-ked). I’m a General Practitioner with a specialist interest in Integrative medicine. My passion is to help empower patients to take control of their healthcare, using a range of tools to achieve this.

I was born in England and brought up in Wales, and I always wanted to be a doctor and help people, probably because my dad was a GP and I saw the impact he had on the lives of people in our local community and the difference he made. We’d always get stopped in the supermarket by people telling him how he’d saved them or a family member. I couldn’t think of doing anything more rewarding than helping change and save lives.

I studied medicine at Southampton University and graduated in 2003. I worked across hospitals in England and Wales, in the specialities of A&E, general medicine and surgery, women’s health, otolaryngology, and spent 3 years working as a psychiatrist before becoming a GP. I still do some NHS work now, especially during the height of the pandemic.  Despite enjoying all my hospital and GP experiences, I still felt I wasn’t helping people in the best way that I had envisioned.

This broad knowledge of medicine that made me realise that the current conventional medical practise is far from complete. It did not provide me with the tools to understand and address the emotional, spiritual, environmental, social, nutritional, lifestyle and psychological issues that influence the health and well-being of so many patients.

Not all conditions fully improve with conventional treatments, which is something I’ve seen as an NHS GP.  I know without a doubt that in order to achieve true health, you must look at the physical in conjunction with the mind as the two are closely linked and impact on each other, and this is often overlooked in conventional NHS health care.

I have a broad range of knowledge about both conventional and holistic medicine, and use this to combine the two in my recommendations for better health, which is called Integrative Medicine. I have studied with the British College of Integrative Medicine and have been taught by experts in the field from the UK, Australia and the USA. I’ve invested tens of thousands of pounds into my education in this field as I truly believe in this and want to have the most up to date knowledge.

I’ve been prescribing bio-identical and body identical hormones for almost 10 years now and see hormone balance as the foundation of health. I am fascinated by the body’s ability to heal and flourish if we give it the right tools. I also believe in the importance of preventative medicine and creates individualised wellness programmes for my patients to achieve optimum health.

What makes me great at my job is not just my experience, but that I listen, I put the patient’s needs first and I am approachable, down to earth, curious and openminded. I use whatever modalities needed to get the results of you feeling great again.

As a medical doctor myself, I thought I knew everything about health care. How wrong I was! Dr Roked’s unique approach has opened my eyes to really achieving true wellness. Her assistance has helped me have enough energy to train for a marathon in April, and her personalised supplement plan has kept the winter illnesses away from me. I was a sceptic at first, but now I’ve seen the results for myself first-hand and I really believe in this type of health care.

Dr Martin Edwards | Paediatric Registrar and Research Fellow, Cardiff

Dr Sohère is fantastic! She really listens you and enables you to reach your own goals, however big or small they might be. I have total trust in her which is something I have never experienced before with health care professionals. She will put you at ease right from the get-go, and her friendly, approachable and good nature will help you progress and see the bigger picture.

Sarah | South Wales

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