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Basic principles to keep your energy up

Here are a few basic principles that will keep your energy up if you can implement them every day.

Remember: ordinary things done consistently create extra-ordinary results!


As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. There’s a lot of information in this book and much of it may have been new to you. I don’t want you to do everything at once and become overwhelmed.

Despite being an expert in this area I still can’t resist every bar of chocolate or having a takeaway now and then, and I certainly skive off the gym from time to time. It’s challenging to make changes when they feel very different to how we’re hard-wired to behave (instant gratification being one) and we’re constantly being given contradictory messages from our media and main food providers, the supermarkets.It can seem overwhelming when you look at yourself and think about going from where you are today to being super- healthy and fit, so set yourself small and obtainable goals every week instead of looking at the mountain you have to climb.

For example, try not to think about going from your current level of fitness to running a marathon. Instead, think about going from where you are today to doing a walk 10 minutes a day for a week, then a brisk walk 20 minutes the week after and 30 minutes the week after that with intermittent jogging and so on. Break your goals into small steps to make them more tangible and realistic. Every goal is possible, just start the journey with a single step.


It’s important to become in tune with your body and learn to recognise the messages it gives you. When I’m run-down I often crave oranges, which are full of vitamin C, or ginger, which has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Other times I may crave a rich vegetable soup full of nutrients. When I’m tired I often crave beetroot, which can help to increase blood count levels and therefore improves energy. When I’m aching it’s my body’s sign to stretch and relax. Over the years I’ve learned to become the expert on me. I get headaches when I’m not sleeping enough or when I’m dehydrated. I understand how my body works, and while I know I have the advantage of being a doctor trained in integrative medicine, I believe anyone can learn to listen to what their body is telling them and understand themselves better.


It takes time, meditation, being really honest with yourself and noticing patterns that happen within your body. A useful method is to keep a mood and food diary.

Keep a record of the foods you eat, and how you feel emotionally and physically. For example, if after eating chocolate cake you feel tired and have a hollow feeling in your stomach then you know that the cake isn’t reacting well in your body.

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