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Why eating clean equals increased energy

One of the key ways to increase energy and beat tiredness is to cut out chemicals. This means avoiding processed foods as much as possible.

An easy rule is to think about how much human interference a food has had. For example, an apple is a wholefood, but an apple pie is flour, sugar, butter, etc., fashioned into food.

Another example is that if a food has a long list of ingredients, a lot of which you don’t recognise because they’re additives, preservatives and other chemicals, it’s best to avoid it.

Whenever presented with a choice, try to pick the food that has been interfered with the least. This is what I try and apply to myself when I’m out and have to grab food on the go.

If you do this you’re on to a winner.

I also try and keep snacks on me like dried fruit, seeds, nuts or healthy snack bars in my handbag so I don’t feel starving and reach for a muffin. I call this eating clean.


Think about how you can choose eating clean in your life. For example, where do you know near your work place that sells ‘clean food’? Do you need to carry clean food like nuts or fruit with you? These small changes, if done consistently, can give you huge results.

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