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How having gratitude can affect your energy

What we think and how we feel emotionally can affect our energy as much as supplements and foods.We live in hectic times and, as we’re always striving for more, we tend to miss out on what we already have.

We’re bombarded by messages in the media that tell us we should be slimmer, prettier, have a bigger house, a faster car or a better boyfriend so it’s easy to feel unfulfilled. I know I do on occasion. Beyoncé Knowles and I are the same age and I went through a phase of looking at her and feeling highly unsatisfied with my life and thinking I was completely inadequate! Worries and fears drain our energy and stop us from using our precious resources for more important things.

The solution is gratitude.

Being grateful for what you have is a great antidote to stress and dissatisfaction, and serves as a reminder of the good things in our lives.

Remembering the positive aspects of yourself and your life will have a positive effect on your mental well-being and mood.


Start a gratitude journal. This can be a notebook, in the notes on your phone or on your laptop – whatever works for you. Tonight write down at least 3 things you’re grateful for and why. It can be people, a place, experiences or just having a roof over your head and food and clothing.

Make it a ritual you keep to yourself. You don’t have to write these things down, but the reason I find recording my gratitude useful myself is because when I have a ‘down’ day, it’s lovely to read over all the memories, events and happy occasions that have happened over time and remember things aren’t that bad really, even if I don’t have Beyoncé’s life!

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