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Only on my 4th week all good so far, Dr Roked is amazing. Thanks!


I am very happy with Dr Roked’s treatment, I live in Spain and have found no difference in the service I get compared to when I lived in England. Thank you!


I found Dr Roked when she was with a different practice and liked her so much that I followed her to Omniya. I appreciate the way she approaches health in a holistic way, that she always tries to address health issues with natural therapies first. It would be great to see other medical professionals follow the same philosophy.


I’m so pleased to have found Dr Roked (I was recommended by a friend). The treatment plan literally revitalised me from 3-4 days after starting. I didn’t realise how flat I had become. I’m still a work in progress though and am monitored regularly by Dr Roked.


Dr Roked is amazing. I’m really happy she is my doctor for my hormone’s treatments and vitamin/minerals etc. I used to be with a different clinic for my hormone treatments but now I have Dr Roked I realise that she is the best doctor in this field. Delighted to have found her.


Thank you Sohère, you are a very special lady.

Christine Glanville

I was so ill before I saw Dr Roked. I was run down and had been diagnosed with various illnesses, and was struggling to work. Dr Roked was the first doctor who actually listened to me and took me seriously, and really cared about my well-being and health. She quickly identified aspects of my diet and nutritional needs that were not good for me and my ethnic background. After just one month of changing my diet and supplements, I have a new zest for life.  Thank you Dr Roked for helping me get my life back!

Sukhvinder Sohpal

Sohère is a very special lady. She really cares, she listens, is very intelligent but so very normal too, she is open, kind, patient, honest and generous with the sharing of her knowledge.

Louise Scully

I have been under the very special holistic guidance of Dr Sohère Roked for many years. Dr Sohère has helped me so much. I cannot emphasize enough her holistic approach which is perfect for me, her special care of bio-identical hormones and advice on other things to help with peri-menopause … I really don’t know what I’d do without her! Her patience, understanding, support and care has been my savior and to a lot of other women too. I can’t recommend Dr Sohère enough.

Hayley Newton

I have not had any flushes since September and I am feeling pretty good. Sleeping well and currently getting to grips with my weight and upping my exercise as have joined a gym. I’d like to thank you Sohère for being there for me, offering sane advice when my world was crumbling around me during my shift into wise woman mode. I recommend you highly to all who I think might benefit from your knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Louise Crockhart

Dr Roked is always a pleasure to speak with. I find her reassuring, understanding and seems to have a knack of tweaking things to continually try to resolve any hormonal imbalances I have.


Love the personalised treatment and have seen good improvements. Thank you!


I’m very happy with the benefits from the products Dr Roked has prescribed so far. My biggest health improvements have come from getting my Thyroid meds adjusted. I’m very happy with the service overall. Thank you!!


As a medical doctor myself, I thought I knew everything about health care. How wrong I was! Dr Roked’s unique approach has opened my eyes to really achieving true wellness. Her assistance has helped me have enough energy to train for a marathon in April, and her personalised supplement plan has kept the winter illnesses away from me. I was a sceptic at first, but now I’ve seen the results for myself first-hand and I really believe in this type of health care.

Dr Martin Edwards
Paediatric Registrar and Research Fellow, Cardiff

I found Sohère to be one of the most authentic people I have encountered in my quest for optimal health.

Pat Dowd

Dr Sohère is fantastic! She really listens you and enables you to reach your own goals, however big or small they might be. I have total trust in her which is something I have never experienced before with health care professionals. She will put you at ease right from the get-go, and her friendly, approachable and good nature will help you progress and see the bigger picture.

Sarah Lane
Bridgend, South Wales

My symptoms are almost 100% better in just under 2 months – quite a difference to how I was before! The fact that Dr Roked is a practicing GP gives one more confidence. It means that she can view the whole picture from a conventional medicine point of view and also from the natural/holistic view.

Jeanette Bunce

Dear Sohère, I wanted to let you know that I have just secured a new job!! I’m delighted and I am convinced your help with my hormones was absolutely key – you have removed the sense of ‘going mad’ and restored my sleep!! Thank you so very much for all your help – you truly have changed my life!

Sue Wheeler

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