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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the start of the festive season!

Last week I was in California for the American College of the Advancement of Medicine’s conference (ACAM). I wanted to share some of the things I learnt in the USA with you as I know you are interested in health and well-being.

The first big news was that chelation, which is a intravenous drip formulation process to bind molecules and remove them from the body, has been proven to be very effective in reducing coronary artery disease, especially in diabetic patients. This is big news as it could avoid the need for lots of people having bypass graft surgery. Here is an article reviewing the results of the trial:

I was able to attend a workshop to learn first hand how to carry out this therapy which was really informative and am looking forward to implementing it in to my practice in 2014.

I also had the opportunity to have a thermography scan. Thermography measures areas of heat in the body and therefore can pick up early subtle changes before symptoms can occur. I am overall a healthy and well person, yet my scan picked up that I have high oestrogen changes in my breasts, probably from deodorant use that blocks the glands in my armpits. If not corrected these changes could lead to breast disorders and possibly cancer in the future. It also detected an area of dysfunction in my thyroid gland, even though I have not been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid before. It may sound odd but I was quite pleased with these results, because I haven’t felt quite right for a while and it was good to get an answer to why, and also have something I can now correct through supplements and lifestyle changes.  I am glad I invested in myself to be able to make changes now that will benefit my health in the future.

I also learnt about the way. nutritional deficiencies can negatively effect conditions such as depression, autism and other mental health disorders and stop them fully responding to treatment. For example the speaker, William Walsh, explained how he has found that high copper levels and low zinc levels are commonly seen in autism, and when corrected the condition improves. I am now checking for nutritional deficiencies in all my patients with mood and mental health problems.

The big news is about glutathione. Glutathione is a very important antioxidant in the body that is needed to improve so many conditions. It can be made from alpha lipoic acid and also can be supplemented in a liposomal or intravenous form. I am definitely implementing it in to my treatment plans with patients.

There was also lots of fascinating research about using stem cell therapy for cancer and the emerging speciality of Regenerative Medicine. It is exciting for the future and the further developments for treatment. It was also interesting to learn how resveratrol is a great adjunct to conventional cancer therapy, and is useful in preventative medicine.

It was fantastic to meet so many other integrative doctors and practitioners and learn from them.

There are many exciting developments happening out there and research is happening.  It is wonderful that there are so many new and innovative treatments for conditions that can be devastating, so don’t give up.

This is the future of medicine.

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