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A couple of weeks ago I did a talk with the Lone Design Club X Knude Society Sexual Wellness talk. It was great to have an open conversation about sexual wellness and some of the taboos still associated with this topic.

We have put together a couple of recordings of the talk, which you can view below:

Full Video

Short Video

The other guests were, Knude Society's Founder and CEO, Emma Brown, myself, Hormone and Integrative Medical Doctor, Dr Sohère Roked @miss_soh and OrganiCup Head Of Brand, Soo Cieszynska @organicup.

Please see a brief overview of the LDC X Knude Partnership below and talking points. For comments on any of the topics we covered from our speakers or more general information, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Overview LDC X Knude Partnership

Lone Design Club is an omnichannel platform that champions independent and sustainable brands across the fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle sectors—giving space via their online events and physical pop-up stores to discuss important issues across the UK and beyond. 

Knude Society’s moves towards sustainability, launching their silicone recycling programme and small production, plus their female sexual empowerment message, fit perfectly with LDC’s three main pillars of sustainability, ethics and social responsibility. The LDC X Knude Society partnership has been designed to promote open and honest communication, continuing Knude's work to empower women to own their sexual wellness and pleasure proudly.

Main Event Talking Points 

How Knude Society was founded and why: founded on a lacklustre experience with sex toys and a disdain for the standardised marketing, CEO Emma Brown made it her mission to create a company making sex toys that didn't make you feel inadequate before you even buy them. She has created a brand that, in turn, has built a community of people who can talk honestly and openly about sex and can truly enjoy the wonder that their bodies can give them. 

Opening up communication around sexual wellness: the panel discussed how many people could feel embarrassed speaking on this topic, but it is essential to open up to someone you trust. The discussion highlighted the importance of communicating a holistic approach to sexual wellness by acknowledging your physical, medical, mental, and emotional wellbeing to feel empowered and in tune with your body. 

Knude Society Products: Knude Society products have been designed to empower whoever feels they want to use these toys at any point in their life. With a beautifully designed range of toys, lubes and candles with a muted colour palette and discreet, sustainable packaging. They keep their production small, and their Gwen vibrators are produced in small batches to reduce waste drastically. Knude Society now stocks their mainline vibrator 'Gwen' along with a natural lube and a massage candle online with Lone design Club. 

How Hormones can affect your sex drive: stress and anxiety can affect all of your hormones, specifically your female hormones. It can make your cycle irregular and lower your hormones. Dr Sohère spoke on making small daily changes to help your mental health and reduce your stress levels which can implicate positive change to your general and sexual wellness. 

Period Sex: With period products only being taken off the luxury item list this year, we know how behind society is discussing periods and, in turn, period sex. OrganiCup has made it its mission to de-stigmatise periods and changes the narrative that they are dirty to something natural women go through every month. The panel discussed the importance of men being part of this open conversation and how period sex should be a choice for each woman; there is no shame in doing what you want to do.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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