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I was invited to speak on a panel with The Beauty Triangle about menopause with two other amazing speakers, Consultant Gynaecologist Ms Tania Adib and Meditation and Lifestyle Coach Padma Coram, all hosted by Francesca White who is a journalist and advocate of women’s wellness, and curator of The Beauty Triangle which brings together three experts to speak about a range of subjects which affect women every month.

It was a fascinating talk, and I was proud to be on the panel with such amazing women who, like me, are all passionate about women’s health, the changes in the menopause and empowering women to have rich lives physically, emotionally and sexually.

I highlighted the role of hormone therapy in easing our experience of the menopause and peri-menopause. “We have to change our perspective of how we see the menopause,” and explained how the use of body and Bio-Identical Hormones could noticeably improve complaints such as insomnia, brain fog and anxiety. But I also pointed out the power of a holistic approach: for example, optimising gut function, the adrenals and weight management. “It’s a journey – and it evolves over time”.

Consultant Gynaecologist, Miss Tania Adib, discussed the role of non-hormonal treatment in managing the physical symptoms of menopause – such as dryness, sexual discomfort and bladder weakness. One route to rejuvenation is her Mona Lisa Touch Laser, which helps to regenerate collagen in the vagina and thicken the skin – however, she also uses technology such as radiofrequency and even injectables to enhance female health. “Because every woman should have a happy vagina”.

Meditation expert and best-selling author, Dr Padma Shankar Coram, empowered us to rediscover our sense of self – something that is so often with menopausal changes. “The underlying thing is a lack of control”, she explained – “Women put so much pressure on themselves”. But she also spoke about the importance of managing stress and the role of meditation, energetic work and Ayurveda in achieving a body-mind-soul connection. “After all, mental hygiene is as important as physical hygiene”.

Although you couldn’t be in the room with us, the whole talk was recorded, and I wanted to share it with you as I think you’ll get a lot from it. I hope you enjoy it!

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