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I’m excited to announce my new podcast “It’s Your Hormones!” available to listen to now!

This podcast delves deep into how hormones can affect every area of your life. Each week, I will be speaking to a patient or friend who shares their own hormonal story covering various topics such as hair loss, gut health, tiredness, fertility, male health, perimenopause and of course menopause. Most importantly, I will also talk about what you can do if you have similar symptoms. I would really appreciate your support with my new endeavour. If you could like, subscribe or perhaps leave a comment once you’ve listened, I would be most grateful.

In this week’s first episode, I will share my own story about how hormones have affected me and why I’m so passionate about the work I do

Please welcome Deborah Forsythe to the team!

Deborah is an experienced registered nurse and prescriber, and has been working with body and bio identical hormones for over 8 years. She has a similar way of prescribing and also experienced in nutrition. She will be offering hormone consultations at the clinic, and also personalised nutritional programmes. 

Deborah will also be available to answer queries when I am not in clinic. This video is a conversation between Deborah and myself, introducing herself to you and sharing her own menopause story. I hope you find her a beneficial member of the team!

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