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Spring is in the air and lockdown rules are being reduced. It’s time to try and boost our energy and mood a bit so we’re fighting fit and full of vitality when we can finally start resuming some level of normality in our lives. The quality of our life is directly linked to our mood and energy. It is possible to be physiologically healthy on paper but feel low, run down and tired and really not feel like life is not great and you’re constantly walking through treacle and life is an uphill battle.

Here are 5 ways to boost your mood and energy now: 

#1 Superfood Me
Our diet is not that nutrient based in general. We should be having a minimum of 5 fruit and vegetables a day, but really this is the bare minimum. Ideally between 7-10 a day is ideal.  It can sometimes help to add a superfood supplement to your diet. I use a supplement called Superfoods by Nutri Advanced. This is not a substitute to eating 5-10 a day, but just to improve antioxidants which in turn will boost energy on a cellular level.

#2 Get Moving
Ok, you probably think yes yes, everyone knows this. But I am not necessarily getting 10,000 steps a day, or running, but building some movement across the day. I love nothing more than blasting out one of my favourite songs for 3-4 minutes and dancing vigorously, or sometimes in between patients I jump up and down 10-20 times to get my body moving. Take regular breaks to move your body and boost your energy.

#3 Cut Out What Isn’t Serving You
This could be anything, from a toxic friendship, a bad vice like sugar or smoking or your Netflix habit! There are things in our lives that drain us and take a lot of mental energy and lower our mood. Think about cutting these things out and see how your life changes. Here’s a clue, it’s often the thing that you really don’t want to change in your life!! I have recently cut out sugar, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for years but I love it, and I feel really good!

#4 Mindset Is Everything
It’s possible to feel like you’re doing everything right for your health, eating right, exercising, taking the supplements, and still, you don’t feel good. Mindset is as important as anything. I start my day with some affirmations, breathing, gratitude and visualisations. When things go wrong, I stop and breathe and try and put myself back in a positive mindset. We have to get better with change and get flexible. It’s not easy and I certainly have my moments, but daily training can help to strengthen your mind to roll with the punches and stay positive and on your goals.

#5 Get Your Hormones in Order
One of the most satisfying aspects of my work is seeing my patients transform their lives after trying many different things with my intervention. It is totally possible to be ‘doing all the right things’ and not feeling the benefit if your hormones are not in balance. I love seeing a patient and balancing their sugars, female hormones, thyroid and stress hormones and watching their lives transform. Knowledge is power and once you understand your hormones it makes all the difference to your health.

For example, you can eat certain things at different times of the month and exercise in different ways in the first half and the second half of your cycle which can balance the hormones. There are supplements that can help balance the stress hormones. If your stress hormones are high often it can affect your energy and mood and weight. You don’t have to be diabetic to have a fluctuating blood sugar that can be affecting energy and mood and weight. Of course, lifestyle changes help but sometimes specific hormone interventions can revolutionise your health and wellbeing.

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