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Tonight is Friday night, and for the first time in aaaaages, I am staying in . I am wearing a onesie, writing, and watching TFI Friday and eating leftovers. I did have plans to see some friends, who I really love and it would have been so fun, but I couldn’t do it tonight. After a long week at work, I needed some ‘me’ time to recuperate.

FOMO is a new trendy acronym that ‘the kids’ are using, which stands for ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. I have lived a lot of my life feeling FOMO. But every time you do something because of FOMO (what if I miss that totally hip party, what if everyone is then talking about it in work for weeks and I wasn’t there?!) you are missing out on something else that you perhaps need more. Perhaps something your body needs, like a rest, or a gym session, or a good night’s sleep. Is putting your needs first and looking after yourself boring? Yes, maybe. But it sure is healthier and good for your spirit in the long term. It keeps you focused on your bigger goals and sets boundaries, which is a healthy thing. So try saying ‘no’ to something over the next week, and in turn say ‘yes’ to yourself. Have a great weekend!

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